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Saints Faith Hope and Charity School:

Francesca's Story

Note from Katie Carden, Principal, Saints Faith Hope and Charity School, Fall 2016

Beginning two years ago, Saints Faith Hope and Charity School opened its doors to neighbors from the New Trier High School transition program seeking to place teens with developmental disabilities in the workforce. Saints Faith Hope and Charity eagerly said, “Yes – we are committed to making our school inclusive of all God’s children.”

In 2016, New Trier placed Francesca Maddock as an intern. Staff and students immediately saw the gifts Francesca brought to the school.  In addition to her smiles, hugs, and happiness, Francesca brought with her many skills that were applicable. When working in the music room, Francesca assisted the music teacher which freed her time and the aide’s, allowing them to have additional planning time.  Francesca quickly became comfortable in her role as the teacher’s assistant.  She demonstrated skills and helped redirect inattentive behaviors, often signing “Sit”, to students in need of gentle reminders.

This year, Francesca interviewed for the position of teacher assistant and was just what they were looking for. Francesca works at Faith Hope three half days per week, assisting the music and art teachers, and helps lead and accompany the school choir at weekly masses.

In a school where they celebrate the special gifts God has given each person, Francesca is the perfect fit. The staff and students believe that they are better together and the Teaching Together program is a win-win for the entire Catholic community.

Francesca TTC intern with teachers

Note from Joanne Bennett, Art Teacher, Saints Faith Hope and Charity School, Fall 2016

“Today Francesca began her art and music internship. She helped teach first grade and kindergarten art and was fantastic! She is a natural teacher and leader.  Francesca was well prepared with ideas for lessons and a storybook to read to the little ones next week.  She will split her time assisting with choir, Mass, and helping us teach art. We’re going to have a great year!”

Note from Anne and Matt Maddock, Francesca’s Parents

“Francesca is currently working at Faith Hope and Charity on an art project including the lesson plan. She showed samples of some of her own work at home.

It is wonderful for us, her parents, to have her in a Catholic school again.  It is important that she is part of a faith community. We are delighted she will be attending Mass on Wednesdays with her school, and truly appreciate the opportunity for Francesca to spend her days doing what she loves! We are proud that Francesca can be a productive member of the community and are grateful that Faith Hope and Charity feels that way too.”

A note from Francesca Maddock, Intern, Saints Faith Hope and Charity School

“I love little kids, that’s all that matters! I help with art and music. They are my two favorites. I also work in the lunch room helping the children open their milk cartons. I love working with children, and I would like to continue working at Faith, Hope, and Charity.”

Let's Teach Together!

Teaching Together has successfully (and proudly) helped young adults gain skills they are now using as paid employees. We’d love to talk to you about how we can work together to improve the lives of those living with daily challenges!


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